At KGPR, we don’t settle for good work; we’re driven by greatness. With more than 15 years in the wine, food, luxury and lifestyle industry, we work closely with our clients to meet their goals and ensure their lasting success. We are raising the bar of excellence as one of the leading boutique public relations firms in the country.

In a world saturated with competition, we understand that being recognized as a leader within your industry is critical to the success of your company. Our results-driven strategies will take you and your products to the front of the line. Our established relationships with key national media outlets is an asset that gives us the edge our clients need.

Our experienced staff will not only identify your story, but uncover your best story, the one that will help you best connect with lifestyle journalists, producers, and the audience you desire. Our deep understanding of media strategy enables us to build strong relationships that have garnered our clients consistently positive press.

When the pressure mounts, we’re there with game-changing creative ideas that land bookings and produce results. Our diverse resources and knowledgeable staff allow us to bring insight, innovation, and uniquely customized service to each and every client. Our team has a beautifully diverse skill set with global connections in the wine, food, luxury and lifestyle industries.

Our principal, Kristen Green-Kutch, is married to a vintner, so, not only do we know the game, we’re in it too.