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We love working with our media partners and the community…and they love working with us!

Kristen is the consummate PR professional and the best in the business. I have worked with her for over ten years because she gets results and is a pure pleasure to be around. She’s smart, savvy, and works constantly to create relationships with the media. Her work ethic, ability to think outside the box, and her creativity are unmatched. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is THAT good. If you want results, hire Kristen Green Public Relations.

Leslie Sbrocco
Wine Expert, Author, NBC Today Show regular, host of KQED Check Please Bay Area

Kristen provides media and PR expertise to the National Kidney Foundation with a focus on our annual San Francisco Authors Luncheon. Because of her skill and attention, we’ve seen our media coverage increase. She’s also helped us forge productive partnerships with several local media outlets. It is a pleasure to work with Kristen.

Nicole Friedland
Division President at National Kidney Foundation

Kristen is a PR pro who delivers “and then some” on stories. Journalists often RUN when a PR person calls but NOT when Kristen is on the horn. She delivers on unique “out of the box” opportunities with everything from star chefs to world class winemakers and much in-between. Doing business with Kristen is also “FUN” and never a chore. Any business is LUCKY to have her doing their PR. I cannot recommend her HIGHLY enough.

Liam Mayclem
CBS 5 Host/Producer “Foodie Chap”

I’ve worked with Kristen on a few media opportunities for her client, Chef Tanya Holland. She is always very organized and detailed, and it’s a pleasure working with her!

Kim Bardakian
Director of PR & Partnerships at Visit Oakland

There are so many things I love about working with Kristen Green but what stands out the most for me is that she knows how to get the job done and makes it so much fun! She understands the art of story and how to tell a great one. She cares about the people and maintains connections and friendships that last a lifetime. Kristen Green pours her heart and soul into everything she does and everything she touches turns out better because she was a part of it.

Monique Soltani
Wine Oh! TV

Kristen Green

About KGPR

At KGPR, we don’t settle for good work; we’re driven for greatness. With 20 years of experience specifically in the food, wine and publishing industry, we’re not just doing our jobs—but living our dream! We’re dedicated to our work, and our long client history proves it. No client is too big or too small for KGPR; we’re just as adept at booking on national television as we are at concepting intimate wine dinners with renowned critics. When the pressure mounts, we’re there with creative ideas that produce results and land bookings. Our team has experience, know-how, and a beautifully diverse skill set—not to mention connections throughout the lifestyle, media, food, and wine industries. Kristen and her husband have been making their Kutch Wines for 20 years) — so not only do we know the game, we’re in it.