Agency Qualifications

In today’s highly competitive world, being recognized as a leader in your industry is critical to the success of your company. At Kristen Green Public Relations, we know how to get you, your products and your services to the top of your industry better than anyone else. Our results-driven strategies generate recognition that increases sales, shapes reputations, drives traffic and fosters success. Feel free to ask our clients. We’re confident that you’ll find that we are known for our boundless energy, fresh approaches and outstanding results.

What makes us so successful at generating attention for your organization? Our experienced staff knows how to identify your stories and frame them in a way that will connect with journalists. Our deep understanding of media strategy enables us to build strong relationships with producers and journalists, resulting in consistent and positive press. Our established relationships, with key national media is an asset companies can count on.

Our experience doesn’t stop there. Your reputation in the media is hugely influenced by your overall brand. We build brand recognition by incorporating public relations, targeted marketing and communication strategies into our approach to campaigns. Our diverse resources and knowledgeable staff allow us to bring insight, innovation, and personalized service to every client.

Kutch Wines

We Have a Personal Connection to Wine Business

We have a deep understanding of winemaking, working harvest, visiting and sampling in the vineyards, sorting fruit, cleaning bins/tanks, watching ferments and more at our personal winery

We Specialize in Broadcast Media

We regularly book our clients on National and Regional TV programs.

We Specialize in Broadcast Media
We Are Connected to Many Wine Experts
Image Courtesy of Marc Fiorito / Gamma Nine

We’re Connected to Many Wine Experts

KGPR possess strong connections in the wine world and frequently attend key events, including the Healdsburg Wine & Food Experience, Wine Spectator Magnum party, Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival, Aspen Classic, TexSom, IPOB, New York Wine Experience and others.